Import a CSV Spreadsheet

You can import a CSV file quickly from any other CRM or Marketing tool.

You can import any CSV spreadsheet easily into Rechat, and export your contacts from any other CRM or marketing tool without really having to make any updates.


  1. Hover over the People Center and visit Contacts.

  2. If you've not added any contacts into your Rechat account, select Import from CSV Spreadsheet. If you already have contacts in your Rechat account, select New Contact in the upper-right corner and select Import from CSV.

  3. On the next screen drag-and-drop your file, or select Upload and add your CSV file.

  4. Set the Owner if you are importing this for a team member, otherwise select Next.

  5. On the next screen you will be able to map all the columns in your spreadsheet into Rechat fields. Rechat will try to map as many of them as possible for you to speed up your work, but you can update them as you see fit.

Rechat offers a CSV template you can download and use HERE.

How to Save/Convert an Excel to a CSV File

Important: When downloading make sure you choose the comma-separated values (.csv) format.

Split data into different columns in Microsoft Excel

If you have a long address in one column and need to break it up on import please follow this instructions

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