Connecting to your Listing Pages

Rechat's email marketing templates, by default, will link emails back to Rechat's listing page.

This can be configured to use your brokerage website's listing page. But in order to make this happen, your website needs to have a functionality: Ability to load a listing page given an MLS Number.

Imagine if your website is We can configure Rechat to open up your website's listing page given an mls number by opening up a url like<mls-number>.

The URL structure doesn't need to be exactly the same. But it needs to work given an mls number.

Some good examples:<mlsid><mlsid><mlsid>

It is very common for listing pages to have a structure like the following:

In an example like this 12345 is the MLS Number but the address the listing is also exposed in the url (6543-s-barry-drive).

Rechat cannot connect to this type of url because the way each website formats the address may be different.

In a situation like this, we won't be asking you to change your url structure. You can keep your url structure in place, but have a redirect built internally that'd redirect<mlsnumber> to the full real address.

Most Real Estate website vendors have this mechnism built in into their website. Once you figure out your url structure, you can get in touch with your customer success manager and send your url structure for us to set up.

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