February 2

Automate Contact Celebrations

Rechat's big picture has always been about bringing your CRM and Marketing tools under the same roof so they integrate better. With this new feature, you can basically set Rechat on autopilot! When setting the birthdays, wedding anniversary and home anniversaries for your contacts, you can now select a marketing center template, and Rechat will automatically email your contacts using the template you picked, every year!

Improvements to Image selection on Marketing Center

Rechat's marketing center could always load photos from different sources. We had integration with a GIF library, a royalty free high quality stock photo library and of course your own uploads. Also, we always had a mini-photoshop experience inside Rechat, which allowed you to edit the photos. All these features were quite hidden in the app and most user's wouldn't notice them. Today, we are releasing a whole new experience for adding images which will bring all these experience under the same roof.

Team Library

Building on top of the new image experience, we have a new feature for brokerages. When agents are adding images to Marketing Center, in addition to previous data sources (Manual Upload, GIF Library, Image Library), we now offer a Team Library. This will include all the asset a broker can provide for their agents to use.