Post Open House on MLS

Requesting office to post an Open House for you on the MLS system.

Important Note: this is how you can ask your office to post an Open House for you on the MLS and is only relevant if your office offers such a service and you are not expected to mange your own MLS updates.


  1. Select Open House button, then time and date.

  2. Select Virtual and add the URL if itโ€™s a virtual open house.

  3. You will also be asked if youโ€™d like to create a registration page for it, select Yes and Rechat will create a landing page you can use at your actual Open House to have everyone register right into your app instead of signing up on a piece of paper.

  4. All leads you capture from the MLS registration page will automatically be added to your CRM and tagged as Lead and Open House so you can reach out or market to them later.

Tip: You can use the Open House registration page offline if you donโ€™t have an internet connection where you are hosting the open house. Just have the registration page opened while you have internet prior to getting there, then have your laptop, phone or tablet, opened up and have walk-ins sign up. Once you get reconnected to the internet all of your leads will automatically be added to your CRM.

Tip: Make sure your deal is visible to admin so they can see your request.

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