Filtering Deals

Advanced Search for Deals

Today's update brings a new Search Tab on the back office Deals page. The filter components provided under this tab allow the admins to refine the deals' Listings and Contracts based on: Status, Executed Date, Closing Date, Listing Date, and Listing Expiration.

The deals that match the filters will be displayed on the Deals page. Admins have the option to export this data as an excel spreadsheet from the search result.

The admins can also reset each filter individually or all at once with the reset button as needed.

Setting Roles for Deals Contracts

Admins can now specify the roles needed to sell and lease properties in the dealโ€™s main checklist.

By adding a new property, admins are able to select the required and optional roles and add them to the Checklists section.

The specified roles will display in the agentsโ€™ deals fact sheet column. The agents have the option to utilize each of them in deals forms.

Furthermore, if the required roles data havenโ€™t been recorded yet on the agentsโ€™ deals page, they need to provide that information in the modules when making the deal form visible to the office or adding a new offer.

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