Email Delivery

Emails you send from Rechat have a pretty good chance of being delivered into your recipient's inboxes. However there are measures you can take to improve those odds.

Let's say your email address is and you're sending an email to

In this case, Rechat has to deliver an email on behalf of your domain ( to gmail. When doing so, Rechat will introduce itself as although it's claiming to deliver an email from

The discrepancy between your domain ( and Rechat's domain ( means that email providers (like Gmail in this case) will consider the email less authentic and may treat it as spam. The test of passing or not passing this discrepancy test is called DKIM Alignment.

Domain Authorization

Fixing this problem requires authorizing Rechat to introduce itself as a subdomain of your domain. In the above example, we'll make Rechat introduce itself as Email providers like Gmail will consider aligned will and will, therefore, consider the email to be more authentic.

Although the domain authorization process is optional, it's highly encouraged. In order to fix it, feel free to contact us. Fixing this requires some changes to your domain name. The changes will not break anything and will only allow Rechat to add a cryptographic signature ensuring the authenticity of emails.

These proposed changes are not unique to Rechat. All email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Mailgun, Sendgrid offer the same feature.

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