Messaging Back-office

All deals you create in Rechat are initially in draft mode and not visible to your admin. This will allow you to work with your clients and only make your deals accessible to your office when you are ready to do so.

  1. In order to communicate with your admin, have them review your paperwork or do other things for you, you will first need to make your deal Visible to Admin.

  2. On top of your deal, you’ll find the button you can use to make a deal visible. If you are missing any key information that your admin requires before reviewing the deal, you will be asked to input that information before being able to make the deal visible.

  3. In front of each form there is a button with a drop-down that will let you Notify Office, which will send them a request to review that document within your deal.

  4. In addition, there is a chat icon in front of each document that is the Activity Room for that document. Inside the activity room you’ll be able to see an audit trail of all activities on the particular document and also you have the ability to send messages to your office.

  5. Your admin will review your documents that are submitted for their attention, and will either Accept or Decline them, which typically would include a comment as to why the document is being declined.

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