December 15

Forms: Nicer Checkboxes

Checkoxes inside our forms now have a consistent and improved look. This makes our forms look far more polished and professional and readable (before and after pictures below).

Forms: Auto Formatting

When typing contract information, anywhere you have to type a dollar amount, Rechat will help you by automatically formatting the numbers, adding comma separators for you. This makes it easier to write in forms, and also results in more professional contracts written by you.

Forms: Date Pickers

Typing contracts requires a lot of dates being defined. Rechat will now open up a calendar to help you type in dates in your forms.

Forms: Agent information

Many forms require agent and brokerage information to be stamped at the footer of each page. Rechat always did this, but it looked clumsy. This is resolved now, as the forms will now look professional and organized.