Personalized Stickers

Stand out from the crowd by using personalized stickers in your Rechat Video Clips!

Personalized stickers can reinforce an agent's brand, making it more recognizable to viewers. This consistent branding across all marketing materials, including social media, helps build a cohesive and professional image. Personalized stickers can also make social media content more engaging and interactive. They add a fun, creative element to videos, encouraging viewers to interact with the content and share it with their network.

In a competitive market, using custom stickers can set you apart from others. It shows potential clients that you are innovative and willing to leverage new tools to market properties effectively.

Brand Sticker Upload Specifications

Supported Formats

  • Image Formats: PNG and GIF

  • Transparency: PNG images can have transparency.

  • Dimensions: Stickers should be square with dimensions of at least 256x256 pixels and at most 600x600 pixels.

File Size

  • Maximum File Size: 100KB per sticker image.

  • You can use tools such as ImageOptim to reduce the size of your files.


  • Static Stickers: Both static images and animated GIFs are supported.

Naming Convention

  • File Names: Use descriptive file names for stickers, but avoid special characters or spaces. Use underscores (_) or hyphens (-) instead.

  • Label: All stickers must have the mobile_static_stickers label (or tag) when uploading to the brand's assets.


  • Resolution: Stickers should be of high quality and not appear blurry or pixelated.


  • Ownership: Clients must have the necessary rights or ownership of the stickers they upload.


  • Appropriate Content: Stickers should adhere to guidelines on appropriate content. Offensive, violent, or inappropriate content will not be accepted.

  • Copyrighted Material: Stickers should not contain copyrighted material unless the client has the rights to use them.

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