Impersonate Agents (Admin)

Working on Behalf of Agents Is Now a Breeze for Admins

If your office has many Agents working in Rechat and you need a way to switch between Agents effectively, our latest feature offers a solution.
Rechat now brings a user-friendly design to the team switcher that allows Admins to quickly alternate between their Agents' accounts.
As an Admin, you can select which of your team’s or other teams’ Agents’ accounts you want to view. You can find which Agent account you want to view under two separate tabs in a hierarchical format. Team Switcher also provides a search box for easier selection.
Once you select an Agent account, you’ll have the ability to:
  • Edit an email and send it on behalf of an agent.
  • Add and edit marketing templates in the agent's Marketing Center to send their contacts and tags.