Impersonate Agents (Admin)

Working on Behalf of Agents Is Now a Breeze for Admins

If your office has many Agents working in Rechat and you need a way to switch between Agents effectively, our latest feature offers a solution.

Rechat now brings a user-friendly design to the team switcher that allows Admins to quickly alternate between their Agents' accounts.

As an Admin, you can select which of your teamโ€™s or other teamsโ€™ Agentsโ€™ accounts you want to view. You can find which Agent account you want to view under two separate tabs in a hierarchical format. Team Switcher also provides a search box for easier selection.

Once you select an Agent account, youโ€™ll have the ability to:

  • Edit an email and send it on behalf of an agent.

  • Add and edit marketing templates in the agent's Marketing Center to send their contacts and tags.

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