Deals Archiving

Backup your Deals Data with Ease

Have peace of mind with an archived file of a dealโ€™s documents with this new feature.

Rechat now offers the option to download an archive of all of your deal information whenever you want.

Once you upload documents to a deal's listing checklist, a download of this folder is now available. This also allows you to access your Rechat Deals information anywhere, anytime.

On the Deals page, you'll find the Download Archive button under the fact sheet column on the left side. Clicking this button will generate a zip file containing a PDF of your transaction summary and a folder with all the deal forms.

The transaction summary includes the deal's listing address, details, important dates, and roles.

Linking Deal Roles to Rechat CRM Just Became Easier

If you created your deal but forgot to save your deal contacts in your CRM, you can do that with a simple click now.

Our latest feature takes the roles info you're adding to a deal and syncs it to your Contacts page automatically.

Find this option in the Deals' fact sheet column, where you can save and update information.

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