All-New Property Searches

New Version of Properties Page

We have released a new version of the Properties Page; this update involves the following improvements and added new features:

Explore Tab>

MLS Database Access

Rechat now has access to the vast range of the MLS databases in all regions of the United States. It shows all available listings and provides a view up to 200 listings in the paging model.

Synchronizing the listings with the Map allows you to observe their exact location while hovering as you search between listings.

Map Improvement

The Map search box has been redesigned, giving you exact and up-to-date search results. We have also improved the "Draw Area" option functionality on the Map (which allows you to define a specific area for the listingsโ€™ search).

Additionally, the Satellite and Street View modes have been added to the Map View.

Redesigned Filters and View Style

Setting filters for listings are now even more organized and simplified on the Properties page. Based on the property type (Sale, Lease, Commercial, Lots, and Acreage), the relevant primary filters will emerge as separate buttons; you can also push โ€œMore Filters.โ€

The Properties Page will save the last filtersโ€™ changes and you can reset each filter individually or all at once.

To see the listings, you have a Card view and Table view option and you are able to sort in ascending or descending order.

Favorites Tab>

Redesigned Favorites Page

We have implemented the new MLS and Map versions under this tab - allowing you to keep all of your favorite listings with details all in one place.

The above listings' view and sorting components are also accessible on the Favorites tab.

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