Promote Your Listings

Marketing for eery stage of your listing, eBlast, Social and Print.

Every key stage of your listing's life cycle (as listed below) is a great opportunity to do some marketing. This helps sell the listing, but more importantly it reminds your sphere that you sell real estate -- and you are busy!

For some stages, it makes sense to create multiple posts to share over a few days with different photos of the listing, to promote it more aggressively. Or, you might send out an eBlast for a Just Listed and then include the listing in your end-of-week newsletter, or an eBlast you send that features all your listings.

You can find eBlasts, and social posts made for each of these stages in Rechat.

Categories for Listings

  1. Off Market / Coming Soon (for example to send in office)

  • Multi-properties

  • As Seen In (when a listing is advertised in a credible publication)

Guide to Promote Your Listing

If you have your listing as a Deal in Rechat:

  1. Click on Deals in your main navigation menu.

  2. Search or look for the deal for the desired listing.

  3. Inside of the deal, go to the Marketing tab to find eBlasts, Social, Print and even other marketing tools like Agent Network and Open House tool.

You can also go to the Marketing Center to market your listing:

  1. Click on Marketing in your main navigation menu.

  2. Hover over the Properties tab on top to see the options available for each category and stage of the life cycle

  3. Select the category or sub-category that interests you, based on the stage of the deal and the type of marketing you are looking to do.

  4. Select Customize on the template you like the most.

  5. Select your listing: Rechat will display your deals and MLS listings, or you can search any listing from the MLS as well.

  6. You are now inside of the design edit mode, and you should find your template in the middle of the page. If you selected an MLS listing, the information should be pre-populated and ready to go.

  7. You can click on the template to make edits. If you click on a listing photo, you can quickly find all the other photos from the listing on the right column, both from MLS and Deals if you have uploaded photos there.

  8. Once finished press Continue to get the compose view:

    1. For Social Posts: you'll now get a chance to either text the design to yourself or download and share it.

    2. For eBlasts: you'll get the compose view to add where it is sent from, and who you are sending it to. You can use tags and lists here as well.

Multi Properties Marketing

Another property-related template is a multiple-property email. This category is quite popular and used by agents who are promoting and sharing multiple listings at the same time. Many agents use these templates for weekly newsletters they send out to their sphere, promoting different listings and open houses. It is also common practice for agents to use these templates to share a number of listings with their buyers, so the communication is organized, trackable, beautiful and on-brand.

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