New Navigation Menu

New Navigation Menu

Our latest improvement to Rechat is a newly designed Main Menu. The new layout offers simpler navigation and an easier time finding your most used Rechat services.

You'll see that the main menu now has a parent-child layout. This means that when you hover over a primary category, its secondary categories open up within it.

The new menu organizational structure update is as follows:

People: Contacts, Calendar, Inbox, and Chat.

Marketing: Overview, Flows, Agent Network, Websites, and Insight.

Search: Properties and Tour.

Transactions: Deals, Listings, Open House, and Showings.

Support: Help Center and Customer Success.

Also, the new circular red icon in each menu section indicates notifications.

With the Rechat newest update, as an Admin, you can now use the personal gallery videos in your Email layouts; as an Agent, you can utilize Admins' Marketing Center-uploaded videos in your Email layouts.

In this update, we have added the new "Your Gallery" tab in the Insert Video drawer on the Template Editor page, allowing you to pick your preferred video out of this collection.

Rechat will generate a GIF from the first few seconds of your video and insert it into the email layout.

Once you send out the email layout, the video preview will automatically play inside the email, and clicking on it will display the whole video.

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