Deal Profile View

  1. Inside of your deal you will find all of the key information about your listing and the required documents.

  2. On top, youโ€™ll find the property address and some key actions for your deal.

  3. Once the listing is in the MLS, you can enter the MLS number right under the deal address, which would then connect your deal to its respective MLS listing and have its information auto-populated from the MLS.

  4. Under the first tab, on the left side of the page, you will find all of your dealโ€™s key facts such as the critical dates, key contacts, and key listing and contract information. This information will then be used to auto-populate the required forms in that deal.

  5. On the right side you will find your Listing Folder which includes a list of recommended forms you will need to complete to meet compliance and close the particular deal you are working on.

  6. The documents are listed in the order in which you would most likely need to complete them, and some are marked as Required by your office which means they are mandatory for that particular deal.

  7. If you need a form that does not appear on the list, you can press on Add New Checklist Item at the bottom of your Listing Folder to then select any form youโ€™d like or add a custom folder to upload your own documents.

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