Manage Listing Photos

Within your deal you also have the ability to manage your photos so you have everything for your listing in one place.


  1. To manage photos you have to select the Photo tab on top of the page. Any photos added to the deal will later be available to you when doing marketing for that particular deal.

  2. You can drag-and-drop your photos into your deal, or select Upload. You can add captions to them or drag them around to arrange their order.

  3. If your office inputs your listings into the MLS system for you, or if the marketing team needs high quality photos of your listing, this is a great way to manage and share them with your office.

  4. You can use the Message Office button to communicate with your admin and notify them about updates you have made to your photos.

Tip: You can select photos you want and then press download at the bottom of the page, which will then download a zip file for you with all of the selected photos, in the same order you had sorted them inside of your deal.

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