Some commonly asked questions about Rechat CRM.

Is it safe to connect to my Google or Outlook account?

Absolutely. We conduct an annual audit with a third-party company selected by Google to do a full security audit. Your data -- including contacts, emails and calendar events -- are all yours and we never share them with anyone. And if you leave Rechat, you can delete them and disconnect your account.

Can I use my CRM without connecting to an Outlook or Google account?

Yes, but you won't be able to fully utilize all of Rechat's features and automation. There is absolutely no cost for you to connect your account: It's safe and the cost is included in your account. It comes with many advantages such as emails being sent from your Gmail/Outlook account, and Rechat's two-way sync of emails, calendar and contacts.

Are my emails saved in Rechat?

No. We only save the metadata about your emails such as title, teaser, and date. We do not save the body of your email messages at any point. Anytime you click on an email to see its body, we retrieve the data in real time from your email account and display it without saving it in our servers.

Is Rechat in the cloud?

Yes. We use AWS servers and all of the information we do save is recorded on secure servers on Amazon.

Can I export my contacts from Rechat?

Absolutely. Go to Contacts, select one or all contacts, and then select Export from the available actions and an Excel spreadsheet would be downloaded for you.

Is Rechat CRM integrated with the MLS system?

Yes. While Rechat is fully-functional without an MLS integration, just like other CRMs, it offers unique advantages when it is connected with your local MLS. It will make it easier to look up listings and use listing information effortlessly throughout the Rechat CRM experience.

Does my Rechat calendar update my Outlook/Google and vice versa?

Yes. Rechat sync is two-way, meaning whatever you update in Rechat will automatically be updated in your connected Outlook or Google calendar, and anything you update there will automatically be updated in Rechat. This is so you don't have to update your information in all of your accounts, and doing it in one will sync the others for you.

What are the highest converting leads?

The table below is based on statistics published by NAR, showing the odds of closing leads based on the original source you have received them from. On the left side, you can see the list of all the different ways you can receive a lead, and on the right side you can see the number of leads you need to get and work with before you can actually close one. The three sources at the bottom of the table have a significantly higher rate of closing than any other type of lead and top-producing agents put all of their focus there. In fact, 86% of a top-producing agent's income comes from referrals and repeat business.

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