Rechat Daily

Your personalized newsletter with your day's agenda, delivered to you everyday.

Everyday around 6 a.m. your local time you will receive a Rechat Daily in your inbox. You should start your day by reviewing this personalized newsletter.

  1. Today's Agenda driven by your Outlook, Google and Rechat calendar.

  2. Upcoming Birthdays and Anniversaries with one click to send celebration cards or call.

  3. Touch Reminders: Rechat will monitor your relationships and remind you if you are falling out of touch with your contacts. You should make an effort to get in touch with contacts showing up here.

  4. Your Deals and ability to view all marketing collateral for them to promote with a click.

  5. Marketing Insight: You will also find a list of most recently sent emails and e-blasts you've sent and the insight on who opens and clicks on them.

  6. Holidays: A day or two before an upcoming holiday Rechat will include some branded eBlasts and social media marketing collaterals for you in your Daily, so without any efforts and with a click you can have your marketing done for that holiday.

  7. Live Workshops: Rechat holds weekly live workshop webinars that you can join to hone your skills and ask any questions you might have. You can find the schedule for upcoming workshops at the bottom of your Daily.

Below is a sample of Daily, please note that this sample is missing sections 3, 6 and 7.

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