Filter & Scroll Contacts

December 30, 2022 - Easily filter and scroll through contacts!

Have you ever added filters to your contacts, opened a profile and gone back to the list of contacts only to find you’ve lost your filters? We have, too!

Rechat is introducing a new feature to help make filters easier to use and navigate!

Now, members can apply filters to their contacts, open a contact profile and while in a contact profile, scroll to the next or previous contacts, or close the current profile and return right back to your filtered list. This allows members to prospect, follow-up and communicate with a set of contacts quickly and efficiently.

Looking to clear the filter? Easy! Simply click the “X” on the filter you wish to remove, and Rechat will return you to the appropriate audience of contacts.

We hope you love this latest improvement to Rechat as much as we do. Remember, support can always be found in the lower left corner of your screen, or by emailing

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