🏠Open House Registrations

Rechat's Open House Registration Pages allows members to streamline their workflow.

Collecting guest information at open houses is crucial for members as it not only helps in lead generation but also facilitates client engagement by providing an opportunity to interact with visitors and address their inquiries.

Pro Tips For Your Next Open House

  • Highlight Neighborhood Amenities: Educate attendees about nearby schools, parks, and other attractions to emphasize the property's value.

  • Follow Up: Use the Rechat Open House Registration Page to collect contact information from guests and follow up afterward to nurture leads and build relationships.

  • Personalized Gifts: Offer personalized gifts or handwritten notes to attendees that provide you with additional details, contact information or more, leaving a lasting impression and fostering a connection.

  • Use QR Codes Creatively: Create QR codes that link to pages created using Rechat's Websites feature to highlight special features, ideas and more. For example, print out the codes on signs and post them in each room with copy such as, “See this room set up as a work-from-home space instead of a bedroom!”

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