Refreshed Contact Cards

Your contacts are your most valuable asset, that’s why Rechat has made it even easier to view the important information that matters the most to you.

Contacts have been separated into four (4) key contact tabs, each providing key data.

Contact Card: Name, Tags, Primary Contact Information, Social Buttons, Auto-Touch Reminder, Quick Action Buttons for Reminders and Notes

Relationship: Last Touch, Auto-Reminder

Contact Info: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Contact Information, Social Links

Flows: This will show you any Flow your contact is currently enrolled in

Touch Dates: Birthday, Home Anniversary, Wedding Anniversary, Work Anniversary, Children's Birthdays

Addresses: Primary Address, Investment Properties, Work Addresses, etc.

Deals: Any Deal this contact is associated with

Details: Title, Nickname, Job Title, Company, Marketing Name

Spouse/Partner: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Birthday

Assignee: Indicates if/when the contact/lead has been assigned to a team member

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