Creating Deals

New Update on Agent Deals Page

We have implemented these changes on the Agents' Deals page in the latest release:

  • The eye option has been replaced with the "Make Visible to Office" button on top of the deals page. But the Admins can still Search the agents' deal drafts and view them.

  • We have changed the "Activity" button name to "Message Office" on the Listing's checklist.

  • In the Message office chatroom, a bell icon populates beside the agent's activities that have been done on each checklist's task.

  • We have also changed the "Notify Admin" to "Notify Office to Review" on the Listing checklist.

  • The tasks' status badges on the Listing checklist have been changed: "Notified" to "Office Notified," "Approved" to "Office Approved," and "Declined" to "Office Declined."

  • When the agents upload a file, DocuSign, or split the PDF, they will see a new onscreen confirmation box to submit for Review or not submit.

  • In the fact sheet column, a new bell icon (next to the Timeline) has been added instead of the Setting button."

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