Adoption Rate Dashboard

Rechat's Adoption Rates Dashboard brings insightful data about how agents are using Rechat to your fingertips!

Available Statistics

Overall Marketing Center Usage

  • Templates Created

  • Percentage of Usage for Each Medium

  • Unique Users Creating Templates

  • Percentage of Usage for Each Template

  • Unique Users Creating Videos

  • Videos Created

  • Total Sent Emails

Email Campaigns

  • Number of People who Created Email Campaigns

  • Number of People who Enrolled in Email Campaigns

Instagram Integration

  • Number of People Who Posted Social Campaigns

  • Number of Social Posts

  • Number of People Who Connected Their Facebook Accounts


  • Number of People Who Used Website Builder

Disclaimer: The data available through this feature may change without notice.

If you're not seeing Adoption Rates in your Rechat account, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager to learn more!

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