Collecting eSignatures

Once you complete one or more documents you can then send them out for e-signature right through your Rechat app. Rechat is deeply integrated with Docusign.

Youโ€™d need to have your own DocuSign account to enable this feature. The first time you attempt to send your documents for signature, you will be prompted to log into your DocuSign account to have it connected to your Rechat account.


  1. Once you save your updates on a form, you will then be presented with a DocuSign button in front of the form.

  2. In the DocuSign compose view (as shown in the image below), you can select who should receive the documents, in which order if that matters, and also whether they are required to sign or are just being CCโ€™d to get a copy of the files.

  3. You can select Add More Attachments, to have multiple files sent to be signed together as part of one DocuSign envelope.

  4. Once you are done selecting your documents, you will then see them opening up automatically within the DocuSign experience where you have all the usual DocuSign features to further make updates to the documents.

Tip: Rechat gives you real time insight into your documents and will let you know if they are being viewed or are signed. You can always void documents or make updates and resend.

Tip: Once the documents are signed, they will automatically be added to the appropriate folder inside of your deal for you, and if you had chosen to have your office notified (and your deal is visible to admin) then Rechat will automatically alert your admin for you once everything is signed, so you have to remember one less thing to do.

Tip: Itโ€™s recommended to put yourself last in the order of signers so you get to see the final signed copy by all parties before signing it yourself.

Tip: Rechat is made for teams. Your assistant or other team members could send the DocuSign document on your behalf if they are doing the paperwork for you. They can choose the email sender inside the DocuSign compose view in Rechat.

Tip: Rechat will automatically put all signature spots on your forms for you so you donโ€™t have to drag-and-drop signatures on the pages, saving you time and improving accuracy.

Tip: Rechat automates the document submission to admin if you choose to do so. Rechat will wait until a document is fully-executed and then will notify admin to review it, without you ever having to break a sweat. This only works if your deal is Visible to Admin.

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