Rechat Calendar can have events added to it from multiple places:

  1. By connecting your account to Outlook or Google, you will have your Rechat calendar fully-synced with other calendars. Anything you input in Rechat or update in Rechat will get updated accordingly with your other calendars in Outlook and Google. Likewise, if you make any changes there, it will automatically be updated within Rechat.

  2. Any important date you might have on your contact's profile such as birthdays, child birthdays, home anniversaries, or wedding anniversaries will automatically populate in your calendars.

  3. All your critical dates from your deals such as important transaction dates are captured and automatically added to your calendar.

To access your calendar, select Calendar on the side navigation bar.

If your Rechat account is connected to your Google account, then by saving an event into Rechat that has contacts attached to it, Rechat will ask you if you'd like it to send a Google calendar invite to those contacts. By choosing no, it is added only to your calendar, and the event will not be added to the other contacts' calendars, nor will they get a notification for the event.

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