Auto-created Contacts

Parked contacts from Outlook or Google Synced accounts and new leads.

When you connect your Rechat account with your Outlook or Google accounts, Rechat will bring all of your contacts over and will continue scanning your emails for new contacts. If you have a new contact you get in touch with using your CRM, then Rechat will automatically create a contact for you and put that contact under Parked Contacts so you can have it added to your CRM with one click if you want to have them in your database.

Parked contacts can be found at the top of the Contacts page.


  1. Go to Contacts tab on the main navigation menu.

  2. If there is a notification at top of the page, there are parked contacts waiting for you to review.

  3. Click on the notification and then the Parked Contacts view, and then you may choose one or more contacts to add. Then select Add Contacts.

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