Contact Profile Overview

A central hub for your contact and your interactions with them.


  1. Find a contact in your contact list and click to open their profile

Contact profile is a centralized place to find everything about a contact. You can save the following key info on your contact profile:

1. Contact Details (Left side on desktop)

Here you can find all details about your contacts.

  • Contacts details: full name, email, phone

  • Tags for the contact

  • Flows contact is enrolled in

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries with auto-pilot to set up e-cards

  • Deals you have with the contact

  • Spouse information if you prefer to keep them as one contact

2. Relationship Timeline & Notes (Right side on desktop)

If you have connected Rechat to your Outlook or Google account, you should then be able to see the history of your relationship auto-populated on the right side. These are all the emails and calendar events you have had with that contact. If you have any logs of calls and text messages and other activities, they will all show up here. In addition, you can keep notes on your contact if you'd like.

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