Whether sending a mass email to colleagues, past clients, staff or leads, marketing emails are the way to go! Marketing Emails allow you to populate personal placeholders for each email recipient.

When sending a mass email that includes placeholders, it's important to do so by way of your Marketing Center. Your Rechat Marketing Center allows each email recipient to receive a personalized email, whether it be their first name, last name or some other piece of information that's personalized.

Available Placeholders
  • Recipient's First Name

  • Recipient's Last Name

  • Recipient's Display Name

  • Recipient's Email

  • Recipient's Phone Number

  • Recipient's Address

  • Sender's First Name

  • Sender's Last Name

  • Sender's Display Name

  • Sender's Email

  • Sender's Phone Number

Fallback Values

A placeholder's fallback value in email marketing is a predefined value that is used when personalized data for a recipient is unavailable. This ensures that the email content remains readable and relevant even if some dynamic information is missing. Hereโ€™s how it works:

  1. Dynamic Value: This is the personalized information, such as the recipient's name, that is inserted into the email.

  2. Fallback Value: This is the default text used when the dynamic value is not available. For example, if the dynamic value for the recipient's first name is missing, the fallback might be "Customer" or "there".


If you want to personalize an email greeting, you might use a placeholder for the recipient's first name with a fallback value:

  • "Hello {{recipient.first_name or "friend"}},"

If the recipient's first name is not available, the email would read "Hello friend," instead of an awkward or empty greeting.

Using fallback values helps maintain the professionalism and personalization of your email campaigns, ensuring a better user experience and engagement.

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