Birthdays and Anniversaries

Auto-cards sent on birthdays and anniversaries

In Rechat when you input the Birthday or Anniversary for a contact you can also select an eCard to be automatically sent to them for that event, every year, unless you go make an edit.


  1. Go to a Contact's Profile where all of their details are saved

  2. On the left hand column you can scroll to find all celebration dates for birthdays and anniversaries

  3. Click on one to add the date

  4. You can also select an eCard or press Change on top right to change it


Birthdays and anniversaries are some of the most personal and important touches to have with your sphere, especially with your past and current clients. It's an easy win.

On a contact profile you can track:

  • Contact's Birthday

  • Contact's Spouse's Birthday

  • Contact's Child's Birthday

  • Contact's Home Anniversary

  • Contact's Wedding Anniversary

  • Contact's Work Anniversary

Rechat makes it simple to send beautiful email celebration cards for your clients, automatically. On the contact profile you are able to save the touch dates, for which you may also select a card with a personal note to be saved, so when the special day comes, your card will be automatically sent to them - forever!

Set it and forget it. You only have to come and update this if you want to change the card or message you are sending, otherwise you are set and your contacts will get the special message from you without you ever having to break a sweat. There is no good excuse for missing another key celebration.

Rechat will automatically display birthday and anniversary reminders on the Daily and your Calendar. Each birthday reminder includes an email template that you can use to wish the person a happy birthday.

In reality you should create multiple touch points out of a key date like these. In addition to the card Rechat sends out, you will also be reminded in your Daily about the upcoming celebrations, and you should take the time to call your sphere on the phone on the special day. Try to avoid being another one of the 100 messages left on their Facebook wall and increase the quality of your touches by making them more personal and more creative.

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