Connect to Connections℠ Plus subscribers can connect Rechat and so leads flow seamlessly into your contacts, allowing you to follow up more efficiently.

You must be a Connections℠ Plus subscriber to get leads. If you are a subscriber and would like for your leads to funnel into Rechat, follow the outlined steps below. Learn more here.

  1. Find and select your name in the lower left corner.

  2. Select My Settings.

  3. Find and select Connected Accounts.

  4. Select

  5. Select Connect account.

  6. Copy the code Rechat generates by clicking the two boxes.

  7. Log into your Dashboard and select your profile icon.

  8. Next, locate Settings > Lead Settings.

  9. From the Lead settings, click the Add Lead Delivery API link.

  10. The next screen will contain information on the API, a link to the Implementation Guide, and a drop-down menu for the you to setup the connection.

  11. Select Rechat and enter the below information into the available fields. *Please note that all information being entered is case-sensitive.

    • Application: Other Application

    • Application URL:

    • API Key: ArealtorPass?

    • Login Name: Your API key provided by Rechat

  12. Select Test Connection.

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