Send or Schedule


Once your email is ready, click Continue on top-right of the builder. You will see a dialog like this:

This dialog allows you to: 1. Select recipients 2. Set subject 3. Attach files to your email 4. Send or schedule the campaign

Selecting Recipients

Defining who you want to send your email to is quite easy. You can: 1. Type in any email address 2. Search for any contact within your CRM 3. Add all contacts within a certain Tag or List in your CRM 4. Add all contacts from your CRM 5. Add all colleagues within different branches of your brokerage

In this example you can see 3 recipients being added: 1. An email address, typing the email address and clicking Enter ↵ 2. Any contacts tagged as Past Client. By searching for "past client" and clicking on the result. 3. Sarah Bloom, an existing contact in my CRM. By searching "Sarah" and clicking on the result.

Sending or Scheduling an Email

Once you're ready to send the email you can click on the Send button which will send your email campaign immediately. You can also schedule your email campaign to be sent at a later date.

  1. At the bottom right of the dialog, click on 🕐 icon.

  2. Select the day and time you want your email to be sent.

  3. Click on Schedule.

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