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Once you send an email campaign, you can track the detailed results about its recipients.


Once you send an email campaign, you can follow and see:

  • Which emails were delivered

  • Which emails were bounced

  • Which emails were opened

  • Which emails were clicked

  • Which emails were unsubscribed

This will give you very important feedback regarding your emails. For example, if you see someone has clicked on your email which advertised a listing, you know that person may be interested, making them a good candidate for more follow-ups.

Getting Basic Stats on Campaigns

On the left navigation bar, click on Insights Here you can see the list of email campaigns you have sent.

In this example, you can see that this campaign was sent to 403 recipients. It was delivered to 391 It was opened by 151 And clicked by 3

Note that these numbers are unique by recipient. That means if a recipient clicks on a campaign several times, Rechat only counts it once.

Getting details on each recipient

Each campaign can also report more details on each recipient's stats. Click on a campaign from your insights page to get more details.

  1. On the left navigation click on Insights.

  2. Click on the email campaign you want to get details about.

  3. At the top-right side of the table find the sort option.

  4. Select Most Clicked.

  5. Rechat will now show the recipients who clicked on your email on top.

Rechat's Opened stats work by inserting an invisible tiny image in your emails.The number being reported depends on your recipient's email viewer. If your recipient's email viewer hides images by default, open tracking will not work for that recipient. Here is some more information about open tracking.

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