Set Follow-Ups

Setting follow-ups and acting on them is arguably the single most important activity you should do regularly in your CRM. That's why you utilize a CRM: to quickly set follow-ups and ensure you make contact when reminded.


  1. Get in touch with a contact (Phone, Text, In-person meeting).

  2. Log it in your CRM.

  3. Set a follow up reminder in your calendar.

If you manage to do these three steps religiously, then before you know it your CRM engine starts running and you are on auto-pilot, growing your business!

Three Ways to Set a Follow Up

  1. Set a follow-up with creating a calendar reminder. Select Create on the side navigation bar, and then select Event.

  2. You can also add an event from a contact profile.

  3. If you send an email, Rechat will then ask if you wanted to be reminded for a follow-up, with some simple suggestions which will make a calendar event for you and put it in your calendar.

In all above cases you will have a calendar event created for you which will notify you for that event, and then you need to make sure you make that contact and don't skip the activity.

Make sure your account is connected to Outlook or Google so you can have the events automatically added to your other calendars as well.

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