Campaigns for Admins

As an Admin, you can now create an Email Marketing Campaign to send automated emails to the Agents’ contacts on their behalf. You can automate this from your dashboard and no longer need to switch to each Agent’s account to create this. All the emails will be automatically delivered with their signatures at the bottom. You can find all created and sent campaigns on your Insight page.

Agents can also preview upcoming Campaigns that were created by Admins in the Marketing Center, or view all of them on the Insight page.

If Agents are not a participant, they can become a participant or save it for themselves. When an Agent unsubscribes from the Email Campaign, it will be unsubscribed for only that individual Agent.

Furthermore, Agents have the option to control Admins’ access for adding them as participants in the created Campaigns.

Due to privacy, Admins will only be selecting a tag from the Agents’ tags for email recipients - the Admin will not have access to view individual contacts.

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