Social Marketing

Rechat offers a series of Social Posts and Stories that you can either tap to share, or make quick updates to and share.

You can find beautiful designs to help promote your listings, for every stage of their life cycle, or celebrate Holidays, Birthdays and Anniversaries with your sphere.

The iOS app is a great place to do social marketing (note: email, newsletter, and multi-listing templates are not supported in the iOS app). These are some of the things you can do in the different sections of the Marketing tab on the iOS app:

  • Search: Select search to see all of the template types to share.

  • View My Designs: In this section you will find all of the templates you have created and sent to date in Rechat.

  • Promote Your Listings: If you have deals acccess, your deals' listings are populated in this section as well as your listings in the MLS. You can also search all MLS listings.

  • Discover Designs: here you can filter your templates by type (Properties, Holidays, Celebrations, and Brand)

  • Once you have found the template you want to share you can edit any of the details on the template. Listing template data is pre-populated from the listing you have chosen to share, and if you want to rearrange the photos, or edit any of the listing data, you can do this before sending.

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