Rechat AI, Lucy, gives you limitless power of AI, right inside Rechat. Work faster. Write better. Think bigger.

Lucy, Rechat's AI tool, offers innovative features for real estate professionals. With its AI-powered co-pilot, Lucy assists agents in streamlining tasks like marketing and leveraging AI to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Lucy learns from data to provide tailored insights, making knowledge management more effective. Additionally, Lucy can act as an AI answer engine, providing quick and accurate responses to inquiries, further facilitating real estate operations.

Members can select from one of our predefined prompts designed to streamline your needs, or freely type a request into the chat box. Lucy will take the request, comprehend it, and deliver to you exactly what you asked for!

Lucy is connected to your listings, Marketing Center and People Center, and has been trained to become your AI powered co-pilot. With Lucy, Rechat AI gives you the limitless power of AI right inside Rechat allowing you to work faster, write better and think bigger.

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