Newsletters are a vital tool for real estate agents, serving several important functions beyond just selling properties.

Newsletters help in establishing yourself as an authority in the real estate field, providing valuable content that can include market trends, home maintenance tips, and community news. This helps keep you top-of-mind for when your contacts are ready to buy or sell.

In the below On-Demand Workshop, we explore some creative content ideas, as well as how to build a newsletter your recipients are sure to love!

  1. Go to Marketing in the sidebar navigation

  2. Go to the Newsletter tab.

  3. Find the template you want to use and tap Next.

  4. Inside the email editor you can now use the Building Blocks on the right side of the page to drag-and-drop whatever content you want to add to your newsletter and design a high-quality, custom template in just a few minutes.

Available Building Blocks

Blocks are inside of the design editor and by dragging and dropping them you can add different content types and designs to your emails. The blocks are broken down into multiple categories, as listed below:

Basics πŸ’‘

Image/GIF - Image/GIF allows members to include images from a variety of sources such as file uploads, Your Gallery images, stock imagery and GIFs.

Listing Image - Listing Image will allow members to populate listing images from any listing from their the MLS.

Video - You can add videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Your Gallery.

1, 2 & 3 Columns - Columns allow members to include content in a formatted view. These columns can include additional building blocks such as Images, Headlines, Buttons and more.

Headline 1 & 2 - Headlines allow members to provide introductions to each section appearing on their websites.

Fancy Font - The Fancy Font building block allows members to include any brand font that isn't web-safe so that any email recipient will see your email marketing as it's intended. Please note you should only use Fancy Fonts for Headlines and/or short texts.

Text - Text boxes allow members to include formatted text boxes in their website, whether it be property romances, neighborhood information, or other pieces of information you want explained about the property.

Divider - Divider will place a horizontal bar between two building blocks.

Spacer - Spacer will add additional padding between two building blocks.

Button - Buttons can be added to your website to link out to external pages, new emails (, new phone calls (tel:1231231234) and even text messages (sms:1231231234). Members will be able to format the button with different background and text colors, widths and font sizes.

Social Group - Your social media links will automatically be included when they're populated in your profile.

Listings 🏑

Members can add the Listings block in three (5) different layouts; Image Top, Grid, Alighted Grid, Image Left and Image Right. These listings will populate all relevant data from the local MLS and can also include Off-Market Listings.

Agents πŸ‘€

The Agent block can be added to a newsletter to populate all of your information and headshot. The format of the new Agent block will mirror the existing format and these can be added in any order, so you can indicate Primary and Co-Listing agents accordingly.

Articles πŸ“°

Featuring neighborhood news, events and more can be captivating for your recipients and displays you're the local market expert. Members can add the Article block in three (3) different layouts; Image Top, Image Left and Image Right.

Be Creative With Your Content

Thinking outside the box, members can use newsletters to:

  1. Spotlight Local Businesses: Create a sense of community by featuring local businesses or events. This not only provides value to your readers but also builds relationships with local businesses for potential collaborations.

  2. Customer Spotlights: Share success stories of clients who have bought or sold properties through you. This adds a personal touch and builds trust with potential clients.

  3. Interactive Content: Include polls, quizzes, or contests to engage your readers. For example, a quiz on "What type of home suits you best?" can be both fun and informative.

  4. Market Analysis Videos: Embed short videos where you discuss the local real estate market trends. Videos can be more engaging than text and can help you connect with your audience on a more personal level.

  5. Home Improvement and Decor Tips: Offer creative ideas for home improvement and decoration. You could collaborate with interior designers or DIY bloggers for unique content.

  6. Exclusive Offers: Provide special offers from your service partners, like mortgage brokers or home inspectors, exclusively to your newsletter subscribers.

By providing a mix of valuable information, entertainment, and personal insight, you can use your newsletters not just to sell, but to build lasting relationships with your contacts.

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